MMQB: Grayslake North

Knights quarterback A.J. Fish is headed to Virginia to play lacrosse, but the senior standout could have a bright college football history should he change his mind.

Fish was dominant Friday against the Tigers. Central's defense, by the Knights' own admission, was the biggest and stoutest they'd faced all season yet Fish was able to rush for 71 yards and pass for 250, finishing 15 for 27 without a pick. The Knights secured the program's first ever playoff berth and Fish's leadership clearly is a big reason for their success.

The Knights' (6-1, 4-0 FVC Fox) inspired play also came from teammate Jesse Davis, who was in the hospital Friday recovering from surgery, coach Steve Wood said. Davis broke his right leg in the Knights' win against Woodstock on Sept. 28, but Wood made sure Davis was there for the Knights' special moment Friday. Wood held up Davis' helmet during the postgame huddle and had each player put a hand on it - a deal he'd made with Davis when the junior receiver and linebacker promised to wear his jersey Friday night during his hospital stay.

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