Cary-Grove faces stiff offensive challenge with Tigers

Playing on Saturday last week gave Cary-Grove football coaches a chance to watch Saturday's 6A quarterfinal opponent, Crystal Lake Central, first-hand.

Trojans' coach Brad Seaburg said this week the Tigers' aren't exactly a surprise given the close proximity between the two schools. Still, Seaburg can't help but be impressed with Central, which has won four straight games and that has scored 79 points in their two playoff games.

C-G players also know the Tigers' offense, now completely healthy with fullback Matt McAlpine complimenting quarterback Kyle Lavand and running back Connor Hines, has the potential to be a handful.

"They've got a very different offense," G-G strong safety Kasey Fields said. "They like to spread you out and then the next play, they're smash-mouthing it so we have to be very focused this week and very discipined because they're so unique. It will be a challenge, but I think we're all up for it."But I think (our defense) is going be a key to the game this week."

-- Jeff Arnold


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