Marian Central QB Streveler "should be fine" against Montini

Marian Central quarterback Chris Streveler hasn't experienced any ill effects this week in practice after having to temporarily leave last week's 5A playoff game against Woodstock North.

"He's good," said Hurricanes' coach Ed Brucker, whose team faces rival Montini in Saturday's state quarterfinals. "She should be fine."

Streveler missed the third quarter of Marian's 41-20 victory over the Thunder after suddenly not feeling well at halftime when he reportedly began hyperventilating. The Minnesota-bound senior was atttended to by medics on the sidelines before returning to the game in the fourth quarter. Brucker said Thursday the episode was a bit worrisome because of uncertainty of what was going on.

"It was strange for him - but he's just a hyped-up kid," Brucker said. "He's intense and I think he just got a little over-excited."

Streveler, who threw for 164 yards and ran for 100 against Woodstock North, said after last Saturday's game that he didn't know what had happened, just that "something came over him."

Sunday morning, he sent out the following Tweet from his Twitter account: "Feeling much better today! My teammates stepped up huge last night I love you guys. You're my brothers. Lets keep Rollin #canes."

-- Jeff Arnold


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