Norbergs experience eventful trip North

Kyle Norberg's first official visit to an NCAA Division I football school sounded like a misadventure straight out of director John Hughes' 1987 classic "Planes, Trains and Automobiles."

The Cary-Grove fullback-linebacker enjoyed his time in Grand Forks with the Fighting Sioux coaches and players. His host was running back P.J. Sparks, the son of former NFL cornerback Philippi Sparks and brother of singer Jordin Sparks, the youngest "American Idol" winner ever at 17 years old.

But the trip there and back for Norberg and his father Bill was quite eventful. They were late leaving Chicago and missed their connecting flight from Minneapolis to Grand Forks. Then, on the way back, they were held up in Minneapolis for more than 12 hours until the airline finally decided the flight would not take off.

At 1:30 a.m. Monday, Kyle and Bill were searching for a hotel room. They arrived home Monday afternoon, a day late. But, Kyle has a scholarship offer and they both have vouchers for free airline tickets.

The question is when they'll ever want to use them.

– Joe Stevenson


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