Marian Central QB Streveler has dinner with future coach, plans for early arrival at Minnesota

It's probably a good thing Minnesota football coach Jerry Kill traveled by private jet to visit Marian Central quarterback Chris Streveler Thursday night.

According to Streveler - the two-time Northwest Herald Football Player of the Year - Kill was late in returning to the airport in Lake In The Hills after spending three hours at Steveler's home for dinner. Kill was accompanied by his wife - who travels with the former Northern Illinois coach due to his health issues - and also Golden Gophers' quarterbacks coach Jim Zebrowski.

"He stayed for a long time so I think he had a good time and I had a good time," Streveler said.

Streveler said Friday morning the meeting was a good one, making him anxious to leave for Minnesota in mid-January. Strevler said by enrolling early, he will get a chance to acclimated to college life and take part in spring football when he can get adjusted to the speed of the Division I game.

Being present this spring rather than "jumping in" over the summer will provide Streveler the chance to learn Minnesota's offensive system. He hoes the extra work will make him more competitive when it comes to seeing time as a freshman at quarterback. Streveler said despite reports that have indicated he would be willing to play either receiver or safety just to get on the field, he's going in very with very definite plans in mind.

"I've been saying this the whole time - I'm playing quarterback," Streveler said Friday. "The way they describe it, if I break my arm and I can't play quarterback ever again, then, I'll play receiver or safety. If I could help the team in a different way, I would, but I'm a quarterback until they move me.

"But they haven't mentioned anything like that to me."

— Jeff Arnold


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