Ref bails out Hinkle from dinner tab

Jim Hinkle, the 70-year-old Jacobs boys basketball coach, starts getting nervous when his team gets close to 70 points in a game. Hinkle has a deal with the Golden Eagles – when they hit his age or better, he treats them at Buffalo Wild Wings.

It’s happened once and it cost Hinkle $350. The Eagles have gotten close on two other occasions, once in their Christmas tournament and again Tuesday night against McHenry, a 67-48 Jacobs’ victory.

With time winding down, the Jacobs’ reserve players wanted their retiring coach to have to buy dinner, so at the end one player shot a 3-pointer that was good just before the buzzer sounded. Except referee Jim Dinkheller called the player for traveling.

Hinkle was somewhat relieved. Dinkheller knew of Hinkle’s deal with the players and they shared a good laugh walking off the floor when Dinkheller told Hinkle, “You owe me.”

– Joe Stevenson


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