Fox Division first-place showdown set for Friday night

CL Central's win over Woodstock on Tuesday night in boys hoops set the stage for a first place match-up between the Tigers and the Hampshire Whip-Purs on Friday.

Both the Tigers and Whip-Purs are 6-1 and they play Friday night in Hampshire at 7 p.m., in a game that could and should end up deciding the Fox Division champs.

After Friday, the Tigers play Woodstock North, both Grayslake schools and Johnsburg. The Whip-Purs play Grayslake North, Johnsburg and both Woodstock schools.

Clearly, whoever wins Friday's game will be in the drivers seat.

In the Valley Division, Huntley has a two-game lead and shows no signs of letting that slip away. The Red Raiders play every team in the division once more with the exception of Prairie Ridge.


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